Coming on too strong

Some of you males are way too intense when it comes to the opposite sex. This is a trait that I think has been pinned on females, for years, due to their emotional state. Of recent I am beginning to see a lot of guys behaving in the same manner. Maybe as we are getting … Continue reading Coming on too strong

Ms Lissa’s Rant

I've recently been finding topics to rant about and have been draining my snapchat viewers with multiple 10 sec clips expressing just that (my snapchat is ms_liss).  God knows how many seconds I spent, two days ago, shouting about the manor in which males approach females, resulting in us females feeling obliged to share our … Continue reading Ms Lissa’s Rant

Am I sexy?

I've decided to write about the term which I believe is loosely used and what it means. I want to discuss whether the word "sexy" should be considered as a compliment. The idea for this post came about when one my followers, @CrizzyCraze, questioned whether there is a difference between, when a female calls a … Continue reading Am I sexy?