Gangster’s Paradise

They’ve been selling you a dream There was once a tweet which went viral, it was a female who was asking how can we educate our children and convince them that education is the key, when it is followed by scenes of broke, unemployed graduates and “balling” criminals.  How do you convince someone that the … Continue reading Gangster’s Paradise

Rock Bottom

People find depression when seeking happiness. It is a timely journey which embarks on a lot of questions with disappointing answers. That is the reality. It is difficult to find someone who claims they have found happiness and; never felt pain, never felt like happiness was as far away from them as possible, never took … Continue reading Rock Bottom

Ms Lissa’s Rant

I've recently been finding topics to rant about and have been draining my snapchat viewers with multiple 10 sec clips expressing just that (my snapchat is ms_liss).  God knows how many seconds I spent, two days ago, shouting about the manor in which males approach females, resulting in us females feeling obliged to share our … Continue reading Ms Lissa’s Rant

I smile

Sitting here with tears streaming Been in the same spot for so long I'm drowning Suffocating for a lease of life Crying until I've forgotten what I was crying for Continuously feeling a lack of control Seeking temporary fulfilment  Then I'm back In the dark Wondering if everything I've believed in so far was only … Continue reading I smile

Be a Man

I was told that this was the topic I need to write about.  To vent.  To release. I've always detested the idea that I am anti men.  Maybe because I thought that if I agree to be knighted with this title I would be viewed as a lesbian or extreme feminist.  I mean, if I … Continue reading Be a Man