5 ways to tell that she’s not that into you

Includes: "If you ask her out and she says no, she's not into you"   1. If you ask for her number and she offers her Instagram instead, she's not into you. When you've spit your game and you feel like your nearing the end of the match. Almost time to drop the finisher combo. … Continue reading 5 ways to tell that she’s not that into you

Sidechicks aren’t Sidechicks anymore

This post topic has arisen due to the increasing amount of sidechicks who have managed to progress and earn a main chick promotion. The ability to go from someone who had no romantic future with a guy to his "only girl" is something which has to be respected right? I mean that's hard graft. No. … Continue reading Sidechicks aren’t Sidechicks anymore

Can men be single?

This post is my take on the male species and their attitudes towards being without a partner.  When initially asking myself the question ‘can men be single?’ I immediately thought ‘duh’, it is generally thought that women are the ones who seek love and company; men are able to dart around without feeling the need … Continue reading Can men be single?