Gangster’s Paradise

They’ve been selling you a dream There was once a tweet which went viral, it was a female who was asking how can we educate our children and convince them that education is the key, when it is followed by scenes of broke, unemployed graduates and “balling” criminals.  How do you convince someone that the … Continue reading Gangster’s Paradise

7 Types of Guys You’ll Meet in Your 20’s

If I am lying shoot me down. (Wastemen are exempt due to their mannerisms lasting a lifetime.) Females, I know you can relate. We automatically place men in categories upon meeting them to help us make decisions about the "ship", (relationship, friendship, etc,) we want to take up with that particular male, if we want … Continue reading 7 Types of Guys You’ll Meet in Your 20’s

Unsigned Hype!

The UK is so under rated when it comes to musical talent as the country is so small and lives in the United States of America’s shadow, but isn’t it time for a change?  You have artists such as Estelle, Craig David and Giggs breaking into the overseas market so what’s holding the UK back? … Continue reading Unsigned Hype!