Why women do not believe that women can choose to be single

An understanding as to why women condemn other women to be liars if they choose to be single.  It has become apparent of recent that a lot of women struggle to get to grips with the idea of a woman being single. Single being a reference to someone who does not want to commit, … Continue reading Why women do not believe that women can choose to be single

How To Know That You Are An Undateable

Spoiler alert; You’re a shit date. 1. You don’t like to socialise.  You are a self proclaimed recluse.  You like your own space and privacy.  As you’ve aged you’ve realised that anyone that you care for can hurt you, so you’ve nipped the vulnerability in the bud by sticking between your four walls.  You’ve been … Continue reading How To Know That You Are An Undateable

Sperm donations

This may seem like a strange title for a post but honestly it depicts the topic perfectly. The increase in females who are on the scout for sperm donators rather than a partner and father. Women who have given up on the search for love for that moment in time but have allowed broodiness to … Continue reading Sperm donations

Can men be single?

This post is my take on the male species and their attitudes towards being without a partner.  When initially asking myself the question ‘can men be single?’ I immediately thought ‘duh’, it is generally thought that women are the ones who seek love and company; men are able to dart around without feeling the need … Continue reading Can men be single?