Weekly Don’t Sleep Ons..

It's harder to promote those that are underground or unsigned unless you are one of the few that respect gritty, raw music which does not conform to the media's perception of that genre.  A lot of people don't understand that a lot of artists that are now signed done their best work when they were … Continue reading Weekly Don’t Sleep Ons..

Blast From The Past.. *Does P Diddy Skank*

A couple songs that I've had to revive.. In no particular order; Raheem Bakaré - Just wanna talk Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing (PYT) Tupac Shakur - Hail Mary Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life Soul For Real - Candy Rain Erykah Badu - On & On Lauryn Hill - Zion.. This … Continue reading Blast From The Past.. *Does P Diddy Skank*

Unsigned Hype!

The UK is so under rated when it comes to musical talent as the country is so small and lives in the United States of America’s shadow, but isn’t it time for a change?  You have artists such as Estelle, Craig David and Giggs breaking into the overseas market so what’s holding the UK back? … Continue reading Unsigned Hype!