The universe is causing suffering for me to learn a lesson I'm at an all time low preparing for a steep incline Every pit of depression hosting a map to happiness A fluorescent path of enlightenment Pushing through the pain in each set In each rep Proud as I know the hurt is necessary to … Continue reading

You’re a Champion

You've already won Stop beating yourself up Your vision is something to rival reality You have a dream Lubricate your belief And enter your freedom with ease Without a dream We can never wake up And have faith and hope for something more Something of desire All that you have yearned for The passion to … Continue reading You’re a Champion

Good Girl

Whenever initiating a conversation, with a guy, about what he desires in a girlfriend I always seem to hear the same kind of preferences. He wants her to be natural looking, be that natural hair or no make up, maybe this consists of both. A homely girl, a woman who doesn't seek enjoyment in socialising, … Continue reading Good Girl


They don't know what I'm capable of Producing words of inspiration Seeds of imagination which is often portrayed as destruction Faulted by the way I choose to converse and walk Won't be accepted by the people I have to impress Unless I alter the way I talk But scared to adapt because I fear the … Continue reading Me