Money Makes Me Cum

Whoa, before I get into this post I need to write a disclaimer, this title does not express my personal opinion or feelings. No, you’re money will not convince me to climb into your bed. It seems to be a common trait, within men, to impress the opposite sex using money. This does not have … Continue reading Money Makes Me Cum

A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 9 (Penultimate)

Ayden looked to the sky to try and prevent the water which was filling his eyes from falling. He wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Jayda suddenly had become a stranger to him, the girl he knew wasn't capable of breaking his heart like this. What had he done to deserve this? When he … Continue reading A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 9 (Penultimate)

Cher Lloyd!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I just cannot contain myself after reading a recent review of Cher Lloyd conquering America by Heat magazine. According to Heat magazine, The X Factor star has been heavily criticised in America for the way she looks, with some sources claiming that she is "trashy" and "low-rent." Now I’d be a liar … Continue reading Cher Lloyd!