Be a Man

I was told that this was the topic I need to write about.  To vent.  To release. I've always detested the idea that I am anti men.  Maybe because I thought that if I agree to be knighted with this title I would be viewed as a lesbian or extreme feminist.  I mean, if I … Continue reading Be a Man

Loyal Pussy Vs New Pussy

I was meant to set a one post a week target, that lasted all of two weeks, I apologise. It's quite difficult to frequently write about topics in a manner which everyone will enjoy whether they agree with what I have to say or not. I have opinions for days, there's no way of them … Continue reading Loyal Pussy Vs New Pussy

Good Girl

Whenever initiating a conversation, with a guy, about what he desires in a girlfriend I always seem to hear the same kind of preferences. He wants her to be natural looking, be that natural hair or no make up, maybe this consists of both. A homely girl, a woman who doesn't seek enjoyment in socialising, … Continue reading Good Girl